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Giovanni and Francesco came to London quite a while ago, as many of the Italians in the city, working hard and projecting harder. Suddenly their project started to turn into reality, when they came back from one of their trip back home in Sicily, with the receipt of a quite particular purchase, an Ape Classic. 

Whoever comes from Italy has already understood what I am referring to, but to make it clear, Ape Classic is s a three-wheeled commercial vehicle, produced since 1948 by Piaggio.

In Italy, especially south, Ape is not simply a Moto vehicle, Ape is something more, a symbol, a cultural heritage, and for many years a real and proper little engine of many families’ economy.

You could see them loaded of anything possible, from fruit and vegetables to pigs or goats, you could see them fully equipped for being a take away kitchen!

Francesco and Giovanni in the context have loaded it up with “Goodies”. Better, “Mamma’s Goodies.

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