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 Mamma's Menu

“Mamma’s Goodies” shows love, already, at the first glance at the menu, where the Panini are named after the women of their lives, either moms or partners. Therefore, it is possible to try how Mamma Tuccia spices things up with spianata (a very spicy salami from Calabria) and grilled peppers, cooling your mouth down with fresh sliced scamorza cheese.

On the other side of the counter, the sweet Mamma Mia will call you over with the aromatic smell of Parma Ham and buffalo mozzarella,

balanced by the lightness of tomatoes and rocket salad. Are you fancying for some caprice? Mamma Laura has something for you in her basket, cooked ham and cheeky spicy pecorino cheese, finished with some naughty sundried tomatoes and grilled zucchini to satisfy your itch for something unusual.

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